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Clincal ImageFormulation Development & Optimization

At Bio-Concept, we have practical formulation experience and expertise with solutions, suspensions, emulsions and gels. Bio-Concept approaches each formulation project with the commercial product in mind.

Bio-Concept specializes in effective and robust formulations that are:

Bioavailable. Controls the delivery of the API to the ocular tissue.

Non-toxic. Meets the unique requirements to ensure the product’s ocular safety and comfort by controlling pH and Osmolality.

Manufacturable. Compatible with current technologies and processes.

Chemically and Physically Stable. Throughout both the manufacturing process and product’ shelf life.

Our formulation development includes:

Excipient Compatibility Studies. Our experience with Ophthalmics and Parenterals helps our clients develop formulations that work within the increased rigor of today’s regulated environment.

Formulation studies are designed with attention to every detail from use of GRAS ingredients, to identification of potential stability problems, compatibility with container/closure systems and stability of the API under the conditions of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

All this helps us create an appropriate formulation that will not only withstand FDA scrutiny, but will also help quicken the successful launch of your product.


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